Museum Expansion

The Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley underwent major renovation and expansion in 2010-2011, a project designed to enrich the visitor experience and add much-needed classroom and gallery space. Our expansion added approximately 10,000 total square feet to the existing size of the Museum; 3,000 square feet is dedicated to gallery space. New design features include:

  • A renovated Museum lobby that creates a more welcoming, warm, and inviting atmosphere for our visitors
  • A new entrance through the existing portico of the 1901 church building, which housed the Museum from 1959 through 1975
  • A new aluminum, glass, and metal curtainwall façade structure aligned with the portico of the church
  • An expanded Museum Store and the addition of a Museum Café overlooking the Arts Park
  • Expansion of the Linden Street parking lot, providing parking for staff and visitors
  • The creation of several new gallery spaces and an additional classroom
  • Expansion of the loading dock area
  • The creation of additional storage space for the Museum’s permanent collection, recently enhanced by new collections



Below is a picture of the Allentown Art Museum before the 2010-2011 expansion.