Outreach Programs

The Allentown Art Museum offers a number of specialized outreach programs designed to broaden your students' understanding and awareness of art from around the world. 
  • Pre-K to Grade 2
    The Art of Stories: Using images of artwork from the museum’s collection, students will take imaginary trips to places such as India, Japan, and America to explore the art and culture of these magical places.
  • Grades 3 to 5
    In Our Backyard: Inspiring Pennsylvania Artists: This imaginative program uses “mystery” bags as a starting point for discovering the lives and works of eight Pennsylvania artists. Students will match the artists with their work and discuss how artists are influenced and inspired by their surroundings and life experiences.
    Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man, Message & Medium: Students will begin by comparing and contrasting the Victorian style, popular at the time, with Wright’s modernist ideals. A primary focus of discussion is Wright’s love of nature and geometric shape and how he integrated those inspirations into his artful designs. 
  • Grades K to 12
    Visiting Artist Program: This innovative outreach program brings a professional visual artist into your classroom to inspire and interact with your class. During this program, students will work closely with the artist to complete their own unique works of art using similar materials and techniques used by the artist.