Pre-K to Grade 2

All guided visits last forty-five minutes to one hour and are theme-based. Planned as introductory lessons for young visitors, they are focused on active looking and discussion supported by hands-on resources that reinforce ideas and concepts.

  • Just Imagine (Pre-K to K)
    Why is she smiling? What do his clothes tell us? Why is the sky that color? Did you know that a sculpture or painting can also tell a story? Every artwork speaks to us and we can imagine the story it has to tell. This introductory lesson encourages our youngest visitors to use language and looking skills; join the conversation by sharing ideas; and create their own stories inspired by the people, places, and animals they visit in the paintings and sculptures of the museum’s collection. Along the way students will learn how artists use basic elements including line, shape, and color to create a visual language, making them better observers of art both in the museum and in the world around them.
  • Treasure Quest (K to Grade 2)
    Off we go on a lifelong adventure of enjoying and appreciating art! Just like explorers in a new world, our young visitors navigate the galleries seeking a variety of art treasures that span time and culture from around the world. Through interactive activities and guided discussions, students will focus on thoughtful observation as well as listening, speaking, and creative thinking skills. How does the artist’s brush feel? How does the sculpture move? Hands-on activities and role-play reinforce the basic elements of art and enhance the museum experience.

Gallery explorations last approximately 1-1/2 hours and utilize hands-on, in-gallery activities to engage students with artwork through a selected theme. Teacher and supervisor assistance is required during the program.

  • Doodlebugs (Pre-K to K)
    Come meet a hungry lion, a splashy waterfall, and a man wearing a funny hat! This lesson is planned to introduce the museum experience to the youngest student and engage them through a variety of interactive experiences including storytelling, examining objects, and exploring art through looking and talking. Along the way they will visit some exciting people, places, and animals through paintings, sculptures, and more. All Doodlebugs will make and take with them an art project inspired by what they saw and learned at the museum.
  • Collection Connection (Pre-K to Grade 2)
    From sports cards to dolls, children love to collect things. This lesson is a starting point to exploring OUR collection—works of art from all over the world. Why and how does a museum collect? Travel from gallery to gallery, experiencing a variety of world-class paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and textiles. In-gallery, interactive activities provide experiences for students to touch artists’ materials as well as engage in creating their own individual clay sculpture. Each group will also make a mini art gallery in a box to take back to school.