Watch Franz Kline mural being restored


January 25 & 26 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Conservators work on Franz Kline mural in Trexler Gallery

Art conservator Luca Bonetti and his team will be working on the Franz Kline mural in advance of its unveiling on Sunday, January 29, fully conserved. (For the full backstory of the mural coming to Allentown click here.) Work to be done includes stretching the canvas, removing the facing from the front of the mural, filling, and inpainting. Public is welcome to observe, but it is recommended that you call ahead to make sure work has not been completed: 610-432-4333 ext 110.

Art conservators Beth Nunan (left) and Meghan McCandless, part of Luca Bonetti's team, scrape pieces of plaster from the back of the Kline mural during the second phase of the restoration process, which took place in November in the Creativity Lab on Hamilton Street. The final cleaning and inpainting of the face of the mural will take place inside the Museum; the public is welcome to watch.