Past Present: Conversations across Time

Pinkney Herbert (b. 1954), Transcending Time, 2014-15, oil on panel, acrylic, and digital prints. Photo by Lisa Lake

Sun, 02/22/2015 - Sun, 05/17/2015
Scheller and Fowler Galleries

Past Present establishes a visual dialogue between seven contemporary artists/artist teams and select masterworks in our Samuel H. Kress Collection. Each artist has created an installation that responds to one or more of the Kress paintings, which have been moved from the Museum's Kress Gallery for this one-of-a-kind exhibition. Media include paintings, videos, sound art, interior design, sculpture, and installation art. Artist are Creighton Michael, Pinkney Herbert, Gregory Coates, Sanford Wurmfeld, Alison Hall, and the collaborative teams of Jonsara Ruth and Lorella Di Cintio, and Scott Sherk and Pat Badt.

Past Present has been organized by The Third Barn and supported through the generosity of the Audrey & Bernard Berman Fund and the Leon C. & June W. Holt Endowment Fund.

Scott Sherk and Pat Badt are the curators behind The Third Barn and have collaborated on many projects. The Katonah Museum of Art and The Lab Gallery in New York, NY, are among the places where they have exhibited together.  They have a sound and image piece in the permanent collection of the American Embassy in Riga, Latvia.  Individually they both have studio practices and are Professors of Art at Muhlenberg and Cedar Crest colleges, respectively.

LEFT: Giovanni Agostino da Lodi, Adoration of the Shepherds, c. 1505, oil on panel. Allentown Art Museum, Samuel H. Kress Collection
RIGHT: Scott Sherk (b. 1952) and Pat Badt (b. 1954), After Da Lodi with Sound Shadows, 2014, 5 panels, oil on MDF, 5 video projections, 5.1 sound, 5 speakers. Photo by Lisa Lake

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For biographical information on the nine contemporary artists whose works appear in Past Present, click on their photos below.

  Sanford Wurmfeld             Alison Hall                            Scott Sherk and Pat Badt

   Pinkney Herbert             Gregory Coates              Jonsara Ruth                Lorella Di Cintio


   Creighton Michael


Sanford Wurmfeld (b. 1942), Canaletto Variations #1-6, 2014, acrylic on Gesso-primed cotton



Gregory Coates (b. 1961), Living Room: private space/public space, 2014, feathers on silkscreen panels, acrylic paint


Creighton Michael (b. 1949), Double Dutch, 2014, acrylic, digital transfer, wire, vinyl, video, and wood panels