Current Exhibitions

Made in America: Industrial Photography from the Ungar Collection

Sun, 02/05/2017 - Sun, 05/28/2017

This exhibition features dynamic photography celebrating machinery and industrial workers. Exciting and heroic, these mid-century images build a narrative of industry as a symbol of American progress and prosperity. Made in America showcases selections from the recent gift of 160 photographs donated to the Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley by Jon and Nicky Ungar.

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Silk for an Industrial Age

Wed, 02/15/2017 - Sun, 05/21/2017

This exhibition showcases printed silk fabrics that celebrate the modern lifestyle made possible by science and industry. During the 1920s, Americans marveled at technologies like electricity, cars, and radios that transformed daily life. This enthusiasm continued in the 1930s but was colored by the Depression—many hoped that science and industry could solve problems like poverty and unemployment.

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Above the Fold: New Expressions in Origami

Sun, 03/05/2017 - Sun, 05/28/2017
Above the Fold is the first traveling exhibition to bring origami installations from around the world to North American audiences. Paper is transformed into breathtaking sculpture, large-scale installations, and conceptual works that express contemporary aesthetic ideas.
Origami—the Japanese tradition of folding paper into recognizable objects— dates back at least a thousand years, with possible roots in Shinto purification rituals and gift exchanges among the nobility.
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Transcultural: A Mural by Rigo Peralta

Wed, 01/06/2016 - Sun, 01/14/2018

The Museum commissioned Dominican-born, Allentown-based artist Rigo Peralta to create the first-ever mural in the vestibule at the entrance to the Museum. Incorporating imagery from Taino and Mayan architecture and building on the tradition of heroic figures in mural painting, Peralta’s work addresses both personal and regional identity and history. The dynamism of his human forms belies their subservience to technology, as they meld into an industrial tableau of gears and cogs.

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Designing for the Loom: Drawings by William Geskes

Fri, 03/31/2017 - Thu, 11/02/2017

For more than forty years, William Geskes (1877-1962) created designs for Paterson, New Jersey, silk manufacturers. This exhibition features a selection of his drawings, which silk factories would have translated into repeated patterns to be woven as fabric. Geskes’ striking designs, which range from graceful floral motifs to wildly colored abstractions, provide a fascinating glimpse into the textile industry in the first half of the twentieth century.

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