Alison Hall bio--PAST PRESENT

ALISON HALL derives her stitch-like monotone patterns and labor intensive graphite
structures from fragmented observations of old master paintings, claims dual kinship
in her methodology with her farmer and factory worker forebears in Virginia on the one
hand and Eastern meditation techniques on the other. Hall spends part of every year
in central Italy absorbing the ritualistic rhythms of the small Umbrian hill town of Todi.
Searching for patterns in tile floors, 13th century paintings and looking at the ancient
world through the lens of a contemporary artist. When she isn’t in Italy, Hall divides
her time between Roanoke, Virginia; teaching painting at the University of Virginia and
Brooklyn, NY. Exhibitions include SHFAP in NYC, John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY,
the Taubman Museum of Art, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and The William King
Museum. In 2011 she was the recipient of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship
in Drawing and the Bethesda Painting Award.