Join Circle 31 and befriend a select, diverse group of art lovers.

Be part of a new generation of patrons and leaders charged with advancing the Museum’s reach and impact—and broaden your connections, help shape a vibrant community and have fun along the way.

Exclusive extras, in addition to your designated Membership-level benefits, include:

  • VIP Access
    Special social events where you’ll have the opportunity to network with one another, community leaders, and the Museum’s Board of Trustees.
  • Family Fun
    Museum events designed to captivate the minds of children as well as their favorite grown-ups.
  • Service Opportunities
    Select service projects designed to support the arts and benefit the Museum and its partners.
  • Represent the Museum!
    Through your special bond with the Museum, you’re apt to act as a natural emissary for art and culture in your community. How cool is that!
  • Your Perspective Matters
    Circle 31 members are an important part of the future of your Museum. Your voice counts and will be heard here.




 Ready to join Circle 31?

Your annual Circle 31 dues support the Museum’s general operating budget and therefore are 100% tax deductible. Individuals and family-level members receive the same benefits as our general members plus the extras listed above.




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