Multidisciplinary artist Khalil Allaik is known for futuristic, hybrid forms that combine aspects of the organic, the anthropomorphic and the abstract. His process-driven work draws inspiration from his individual experience of cosmic forces such as the relationship of the earth to the universe, and the past to the future. In his native Lebanon, Allaik worked as an art dealer for eight years. He is a graduate of Lebanese University, Beirut. Classically trained, he earned fine arts degrees in painting and drawing, as well as a degree in interior design. His work has been shown internationally. Allaik has lived and worked in the Lehigh Valley, PA for the past eighteen years.

Artist Statement

All the stories about the universe—the stars, the void, other dimensions, other worlds, black holes, galaxies—the distance of light.  I have searched for some way that I might see it all. How, in this short life, can I travel throughout this huge and limitless universe?  I close my eyes.  I dive within. I realize that the inner space is deep and infinite. There, inside, I travel.  My artwork presents views I have captured in my travels through cities that I have built in the cavities of my mind. For me, the Void is a very flexible creature. It allows us to move through it easily, without resistance.  My work is the dialogue between these two limitless universes, one within and one beyond. It is the dialogue between Matter and the Void.

Image on C&C landing page: Acrobatic Void, 2023