Born in San Josè de las Matas, Dominican Republic, and then relocated to Brooklyn, New York in 1989. These dichotomous cultures have inspired Peralta’s work to blend in a visual language with cultural diversity, which connects his Caribbean past with his urban present. During 1988 to 1989, he was a full time art instructor at an Elementary school in Dominican Republic.

In 2004 Peralta moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania where he integrated his new environment and  art work. Peralta developed a household name in The Banana Factory (Bethlehem, PA), becoming one of the first Hispanic artist to debut a studio in the building.

In 2012, Peralta decided to open his first solo Gallery/Studio “Rigo Peralta Art Studio” in Allentown, PA a block away from his home stating ” My children have grown in this Community and the Community has given us so much, it’s time to give back!” In recent years Peralta, has  hosted various  free shows, and installations for his Community from artist around the world, as well as his own new work.

In 2019 The Allentown museum purchased a piece from Rigo Peralta, making him the first modern artist to debuts art in the museum, as a permanent collection piece.

Artist Statement

“My artwork represents the push and pull between humanity and machinery. I express this complex relationship with textures and brushstrokes within the human anatomy relationship with textures and cogs and wheels. I blend a rich palate of paints drawn from my ancestral. Latino traditions to provide a panorama of compositions where classic meets abstract.

The artistic approach is unpredictable and affords me the opportunity to discover hidden anatomical forms as if a ghost were rising from the canvas. I then work to combine the mechanical forms as part of an organic transition. This final product I refer to as conditioned surrealism. That is, an awakening of the subconscious as it invites you to explore a series of hidden elements on the canvas that can alter your perception over and over with each viewing. My hope is for the viewer to become a part of the canvas’ stories in my creations.”