The Alternative Gallery is a nonprofit arts organization that cultivates and preserves outsider art and culture. Our mission is to strengthen local communities through arts and education and build relationships with other communities around the world. Located in Allentown, PA, the Gallery is housed in the Cigar Factory Artist Studios and provides exhibit and performance spaces, more than forty artist studios, retail spaces, classrooms, a coffee shop, printshop, darkroom, film archive, and more. The Alternative Gallery works toward changing the perception of art to something that is accessible in our daily lives.

Artists Featured at Cocktails & Collecting 2021:

Michael Bilski (1951–2021) graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. A colorblind artist-illustrator who preferred to work on compositions of negative and positive space, he enjoyed creating black-and-white imagery but also made some colorful pieces. Bilski was inspired by his own fantasies and tended to create images hidden within images. He was and still is dearly loved at the Alternative Gallery, where he was a founding member.

Monica Salazar works on a variety of mediums and surfaces, but one of her favorites is illustration. For her surreal digital and pencil illustrations she enjoys creating characters and giving them a personality or a role within their space. Salazar has been a member of the Alternative Gallery for the past four years.