Scott Sherk is a sculptor who often works with sound. He has exhibited widely including exhibitions at the Katonah Museum of Art, the Allentown Art Museum, Kim Foster Gallery NYC, and Leslie Cecil Gallery NYC. His exhibitions have been favorably reviewed by the New York Times and ArtForum. His sound work has been released on CD by 3Leaves, and/OAR, and net releases by Stasisfield and Wandering Ear. He was recently a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome.

Scott Sherk was a Professor of Art at Muhlenberg College. He has been a recipient of the Class of ’32 Research Chair and twice recipient of the Hoffman Research Fellowship. He currently holds the position of Professor Emeritus. He has collaborated and curated with Pat Badt as part of

About the Artwork:

“The sculpture originated with walks that I was taking in the Trexler Game Preserve, now called the Trexler Nature Preserve. It’s not far from where I live. I like to walk on what’s called the Elk Trail. I would take walks there, and I’d also make recordings. In this one particular walk it took me a long time, most of the day, and I only made it through half of the walk. But I stopped and made recordings of everything that was interesting and was fascinating to me and that somehow reflected the space. The sculpture is the trajectory of my walk; I mapped it very carefully with GPS and then reconstructed it to scale out of welded steel and mounted it on an aluminum plate. Along with that goes a drawing, which is digitally printed on a transparency, which describes the ambient sound that was going on at the time as well as gives a good map and description of where I was going. And then along with that is the sound that I recorded—about a 40-minute CD edited down—of the sounds from the morning, through the dawn chorus, onward through the day.”