Dr. Barnaby Ruhe reprises his portrait marathon events–begun in 1979 in NYC–for the Allentown Art Museum, finding freshness and insights to character in the immediacy of the sittings.

Ruhe still teaches shamanism and art at New York University. The last living abstract expressionist, or so he says, Ruhe works paint in the lived moment.

His Womb Magic retrospective was at the Baum School of Art in 2017, and his Civic Debate retrospective was at the Civic Theater in 2015. Dorfman Projects in Chelsea, NYC, hosted his Dialogues with Art History retrospective in 1997.  Alice Neel painted Ruhe’s portrait in 1982.

“The Two Alice Neel Grandaughters”


Image on C&C homepage is “Bob Bergman, director of the Cleveland Museum of Art”