Restoring Petals is a transformative community project which interweaves visual and performing arts, mental health, and community well-being. Guided by artist, activist, and AAM Community Art+Action Fellow, Chloe Cole Wilson, this initiative created space to explore the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, on both our past and future. Over the last 9 months, Wilson hosted poetry workshops, art-making sessions, and choral performances throughout the Lehigh Valley which served as an opportunity for individuals to connect through the art-making process and employ conversation as a means to find solace, nurture joy, and rejuvenate our souls.

This exhibition is the culmination of Wilson’s project; an interactive exhibit which highlights the breadth of experience in our community from March 2, 2020, to today. This unique installation also serves as a dedicated space for ongoing healing, inviting visitors to engage in storytelling, play, and moments of rest.


From the beginning, Restoring Petals, was designed to create a space for healing and processing the collective trauma of COVID-19. Through the therapeutic medium of art-making and the power of storytelling, Wilson has guided participants through the complex emotions and enduring memories left in the wake of this global pandemic. In this exhibition, we hope you find space for self-reflection, not only on the difficulties of the past three years, but also on the journey ahead – a journey towards peace, love, hope, and fellowship.

The exhibition opened on January 15 during the Museum’s MLK Day celebration, and was full of music, poetry, art making and community. Chloe’s opening reception included a sound-scape experience, and performances by Latrice Young, Darius Foster, Jaeo, Rozse, Syncere Jackson, and more.


Listen to Chloe talk about her exhibition.