Naccarato’s contemporary, industrial style is achieved with compositions that are the result of his unique approach to combining paint, text, found objects, and a variety of other textures and non-traditional mediums. He uses a variety of techniques and processes to create the work and build up textures that include everything from sanding layers of joint compound to coating surfaces with roofing tar. His processes are purposeful, taking brand new hardware in some cases, and adding a patina of rust on the metal to make it appear as if it had aged over

years. Not one to be content with just painting, he’ll often add graphic elements of fragmented words and numerical references, or other assemblage and collage elements to his pieces. These items can take the form of reclaimed pallet wood, wire mesh, or perhaps brown packing tape. And his love of hardware is evident too. With the addition of large bolts, rusty nails, or brackets, his pieces quickly become three-dimensional in nature.