The second annual Allentown Film Festival kicks off on Saturday, April 6, 2024, with not one but two opening-day screenings at the Allentown Art Museum. The first series of shorts, beginning at noon, explores that timeless question “What Is Art?” A second block of short films in Spanish, many with English subtitles, begins at 2 p.m. Festival founders Michael Schelp and Alan Younkin will be on hand to welcome opening-day attendees. Both screenings will be in the Museum’s Auditorium.

Admission to the screenings is FREE, but seating is limited so please register below to save your seat. Post-screening panel discussions with filmmakers and cast members are planned for both blocks of films.

“What is Art?”
noon · Saturday, April 6, 2024 

Not here. Now (2 min) Witness the dance of existence in cosmic flow.

Still from Digital Automatic Writing

Digital Automatic Writing! (6 min) Transcend traditional journaling by seamlessly blending drawing, sketching, and animation.

Restoring the Horse (2 min) The Baum School restores the da Vinci Horse after weathering the elements outdoors for years.

Thomas J. Shillea: UpsideDown & Backwards (5 min) Lehigh Valley artist Thomas J. Shillea recounts his photo session with Coretta Scott King.

Nothing Left Undone: The Art of G (19 min) Philadelphia artist G Kellum reflects on his artistic origins and complicated relationship with success.

Still from How To Be Not Perfect

i heart ART (2 min) Twin 3-year-old girls introduce the art in their Chicago home.

How To Be Not Perfect (8 min) Witness an artist’s journey on canvas.

Dropped – History in the breaking (18 min) Discover the potter behind the shards.

Pavarotti & Me (3 min) Linda La Due’s harmonious moment with an opera legend.



“Cine Español”

2:00 p.m. · Saturday, April 6, 2024 

Primavera Salvaje (5 min) Close your eyes to see life’s true path.

Still from Primavera Salvaje

Selfi (11 min)A witty take on our obsession with cell phones and selfies.

From Cuba to America: An Immigrant’s First Day in New York City (2 min) From Havana to hope: Ivan’s new chapter

Diner Kiss (5 min) Teen love swirls with 50’s diner magic

A Street For Two (5 min) Love sparks under streetlights and stars

Arnoldo’s World (7 min) A teacher’s fight against Mayan poverty

Still from To fly

Hamelin 771 (7 min) Human-AI harmony tested in darkness

To fly (8 min) Sofia: When the body stops, the spirit flies.

Mariposas (3 min) Pride and perception clash in magical realism




The Allentown Film Festival continues through Sunday, April 14. CLICK HERE for a complete schedule of screenings.