A letter from David Mickenberg, Priscilla Payne Hurd President & CEO

Imagine our Valley in two years. Or in 10, 25 or even 50 years. Who will we be as a community? More importantly, who do we aspire to be? And how can the Allentown Art Museum help bring that aspirational vision to life?

Here’s what I see: A Museum that brings the power of art to the community, and the vibrancy of the community into art. An inclusive regional resource that uses arts and culture as a catalyst to drive interaction, education, experimentation, and social change. I see exhibitions, programs and events that inspire, teach, engage and transform our Valley—one person, one idea at a time.

How are we getting there? For over 80 years, AAM has stimulated minds, provided important art education and outreach activities, and amassed an exceptional collection for the benefit of all. Now we’re expanding on these essential roles and amplifying our efforts. We’re offering inventive programs, extraordinary experiences, and enhanced exhibitions that offer fresh perspectives, energize  and empower visitors, and encourage more personal participation. These include finding new ways to make our programs and exhibitions even more accessible; creating synergies and partnerships throughout our community; multimedia events that reach beyond the walls of the museum; and having a more direct and profound impact on our neighborhoods, schools and region.

Our vibrant new logo and website, expanded social media reach, and the magazine you’re holding now are helping us share this evolution. Our logo offers a contemporary feel and communicates connection through the overlapping shapes.  By updating and redesigning the website, strengthening our social media presence, and expanding broadening? the former Exhibitions and Programs Guide into Synergy magazine, we’re giving you in-depth information about what we’re doing and why, along with some visual inspiration and programmatic surprises.

What kind of Valley do we aspire to be? AAM believes the power of the arts can help transform our community—with exhibitions that astonish, delight and challenge; films that expand our global views; programs and events that educate, inform, and encourage creativity; and community initiatives and relationships that foster playfulness, interaction and social change. Imagine what we can do together. Then join us as we bring this new vision of the Museum and our community to life.