August Sander, The Painter Otto Dix and Wife, 1924, printed 1974. Allentown Art Museum, gift of Steve K. Miller and Yasemin Miller, 2007. (2007.27.9)



May 15–September 22, 2019
Fuller Gallery

Beginning in the 1920s, many photographers rebelled against the expectation that they should imitate painters. Instead they embraced the unique advantages of the camera, finding fresh perspective through unusual lighting and cropping, unexpected camera angles, and deep focus. These modern ways of seeing revolutionized photography, and continue to influence artists today.

Drawn from the Museum collection, this exhibition includes works by well-known artists such as Edward Weston, Walker Evans, and Margaret Bourke-White as well as exemplary work by less-recognized artists. This is the second rotation of works in the exhibition.


This exhibition has been supported through the generosity of Eileen and Roberto Fischmann.


Edward Weston (American, 1886-1958), Tina Modotti Reciting Poetry, 1924. Allentown Art Museum, gift of Audrey and Bernard Berman, 1983. (1983.53.7)