Sun, 06/03/2012 – Sun, 09/09/2012

Art Ways

Inspired by reading many, many “ABC” books to his young daughters, his love of words and his incessant doodling, artist Victor Stabin set out to create a book that would smash the “ABC” status quo.  He ultimately read through 8,000 pages of dictionaries culling obtuse words to create alliterations that he illustrated into the extraordinary, pictorial word inventions that inhabit his new ABC book, Daedal Doodle.  The exhibition drew from Stabin’s book and featured the actual working sketches, doodles, dictionary word lists and prints used in the making of Daedal Doodle.

Victor Stabin is a successful painter whose work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He is also an author and the owner of a popular restaurant, FLOW, along with an arts and cultural center in Jim Thorpe, PA.  His illustrations have appeared in numerous publications such as The New York TimesRolling Stone magazine and Newsweek. He also designed the iconic “KISS Unmasked” album cover and his artwork has appeared on nine U.S. postage stamps: Henry Mancini (2004) and two series of American Scientists (2005 & 2008).   Stabin lives and works in Jim Thorpe with his wife, Joan, and their daughters Skyler and Arielle.