Fiber artist Mallory Zondag ends her yearlong-plus residency at the Art Museum on November 28, 2021, with the closing of her installation Cocooned in Art Ways Interactive Family Gallery. The work, says Mallory, explored the theme, “when we work together as a society and help one another, the world becomes more colorful and full of life!” Here is her look back at her residency, which included both in-person and virtual workshops.

Artist Mallory Zondag

“For the past thirteen months, I have been the resident artist at the Allentown Art Museum, and it has been an incredible experience. To have the opportunity to transform a space with my artwork has always been one of my dreams as an artist. Last summer, in the midst of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, I was offered this residency and I was able to fulfill that dream. I felt incredibly lucky to be able to use all of my time at home to transform various fibers and materials through wet felting, sewing, crochet, weaving, and soft sculpture into an installation that would be experienced by everyone who came through the space.

“In addition to the installation, which was called Cocooned and welcomed visitors into Art Ways, my residency involved working with the Lehigh Valley community through a series of free workshops. I was heartened to see that even through the toughest times of the pandemic, when we couldn’t even gather in person, so many people showed up in the digital space to take these workshops and experience an artform they were completely new to. Meeting and working with so many new people of all ages and backgrounds through these workshops was truly a gift. A large part of my practice as an artist involves education and I never tire of seeing how art, both as a visual and hands-on experience can bring everyone together and affect our mood, our frame of mind, and instill confidence and creativity in us. I hope that everyone who came to the workshops or saw the installation takes with them a new understanding and appreciation of the fiber arts.

“To see more of my work, head to my website or to my instagram, @malloryzondag. I love to create custom pieces of textile art so I always love to hear from people that are interested in a unique piece of textured art for their space. You can also find my online workshops through my website as well as in person workshops at art centers including the Banana Factory in Bethlehem and the Arts Center of the Capital Region, the Textile Arts Center, and View Arts Center in New York.”

During her residency, Mallory led a series of virtual and in-Museum workshops to teach felting techniques to all ages

The Museum’s artist residencies bring the visual, literary, and performing arts to our visitors and to school settings, exploring the areas of the arts, health and social services, and environmental education.

Feedback from workshop participants:

  • “Wonderful workshop with a wonderful teacher! Mallory Zondag is fabulous.”
  • “Mallory is a great teacher. The whole event was well organized and welcoming.”
  • “It was very fun and enjoyable, we had a wonderful time wet felting! We were a mixed age group and everybody really enjoyed the activity in their own way.”

Fiber art tutorials by Mallory Zondag:

Facebook Live demonstrations by Mallory Zondag:

Featured image: Art Ways Interactive Family Gallery was transformed by Mallory’s felt creations