On this day we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and African American art, history, and culture by revisiting influential speakers, meaningful discussions, inspiring entertainers, and art-making projects from recent years at the Museum. Please browse and engage with the content below in the spirit of empathy, activism, and community building.


A Look Back


For more videos related to African American art, history, and culture, click the links below:

Alteronce Gumby on the power of imagination in his abstracts (2022)

A look at the Boston Massacre series by Larry Rivers in Prints and Protest (2021)

Musician Will Calhoun on spirituality and taking action against racist acts (2019)

An overview of the Dynamic Conversation “Artists of the African Diaspora” (2019)

An “Artist in the House” discussion with Pittsburgh-based artist Vanessa German (2019)


Saluting Activism in Art

Artist Stephen Towns discusses the inspiration and process behind his works and how it relates to American design and culture.

This is a clip from a full Dynamic Conversation that also included artist Joyce Begay-Foss and Kutztown Folk Festival’s Carol Heppe in an exploration of heritage and the line that separates inspiration and appropriation:


Explore the history of art as a form of activism with artist and founding director of the Experimental Printmaking Institute at Lafayette College Curlee Raven Holton and Lehigh University professor Dr. Susan Kart:


Delve into the history of the fight for the vote and the powerful women who led the charge:

Learning Through the Arts