The Allentown Art Museum is proud to usher in Hispanic Heritage Month 2023 with a special exhibition in the Museum’s Community Gallery featuring the works of Daniel Djuro-Goiricelaya, Venezuelan-American artist and AAM’s Community Art+Action Fellow. This dynamic exhibition, titled Conectando Intenciones/Connecting Intentions, not only pays homage to Djuro-Goiricelaya’s multifaceted roles as an artist, educator, and arts advocate but also delves into the intricate interplay between art, identity, play, and the profound connections they forge.

Conectando Intenciones invites the local community to embark on an inspiring journey that goes beyond the canvas. This exhibition offers an immersive audiovisual experience that promises a transformative sensory encounter that engages your eyes, heart, and imagination.

The opening reception, on Saturday, September 16, begins at 2 p.m. with a procession from Scheller Gallery to Kress Gallery, where the singer Laura Petit will perform a song a capella in front of our Rembrandt painting. Then the group will proceed downstairs to the Community Gallery. During the reception there will be a few more performances that honor heritage of the artist as well as the communities he has served.

Alongside this special exhibition, AAM is proud to present a series of events throughout Hispanic Heritage Month that celebrate the rich traditions and vibrant cultures within our Hispanic community. In addition to dance and musical performances at AAM, Djuro-Goiricelaya will lead a series of community-art workshops in parks throughout Allentown as well as host a Dynamic Conversation alongside a panel of distinguished Hispanic artists. For a full schedule of Hispanic Heritage Month activities CLICK HERE.

We invite you to join us for this remarkable celebration of art, culture, and intention this month at the Allentown Art Museum.