The Allentown Art Museum’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration is an annual event celebrating the legacy of the iconic civil rights leader. This year, join us online for a virtual weeklong celebration!

Reflect on this Celebration During the Closing Ceremony:

As we conclude our first virtual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration, take a look back at the weeklong commencement honoring the iconic civil rights leader.

The Allentown Art Museum thanks you all for being a part of our cherished annual event! The celebration can still be accessed below.

Experience Through Video

Art and Activism through Prints and Protest

Explore the history of art as a form of activism with artist and founding director of the Experimental Printmaking Institute at Lafayette College Curlee Raven Holton and Lehigh University professor Dr. Susan Kart.

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations from the Past

Celebrate African American art, history, and culture through past celebrations on Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the Museum.


Unsung Suffragists: Leaders of Color in the Fight for the Vote

Inspired by the current exhibition, New Century, New Woman, this Dynamic Conversation delves into history of the fight for the vote and the powerful women who led the charge.

Museums and Their Role in Fostering Equitable and Inclusive Communities

Explore museums and their relationship to their communities. As institutions with missions to serve the public, museums have a responsibility to foster equity and inclusion both inside and outside their walls.

Learn Through Art

Virtual Gallery of Prints and Protest, 1960-1970

Family Art Making Inspired by Artists


It’s important for artists to experiment and try new things. Another method artists use when painting is carving.

Prints and Protest Stencil Printing

In Prints and Protest, many of the artists use printmaking as a way to show their beliefs and what is important to them. With your stencil print, you can create something that’s important or has special meaning to you.

Stamp Printing Inspired by David Clyde Driskell

Prints are a form of art that are usually produced in multiples. Stamping is one of the easiest and most accessible forms of printmaking. This woodcut Thelma, Festival by David Clyde Driskell features lots of fine lines and details. Use simple materials to create a stamp to make repeat prints at home.

Wet on Wet Watercolor Inspired by Sam Gilliam

Sam Gilliam’s Element is made by pouring different colors of thinned down paint together, and letting them mix together. A type of flow painting is ‘wet on wet’ watercolor.

Memory Collage Inspired by Allan Edmunds

Artists use photographs, drawings, and art to create collages for many reasons. Collages can change the meaning of photos, making them more unique.

Radial weaving Inspired by Xenobia Bailey

Mandalas are a form of art that uses radial symmetry and geometric shape. Xenobia Bailey is known for her textile works, especially crocheted mandalas. She famously draws inspiration from funk music and Native American, African, Hindu, and Buddhist cultures when creating. Experiment with radial symmetry and textile techniques to create a radial weaving!

Hometown Heroes

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s upholding spirit, we’re highlighting local volunteers, nonprofit workers, and more.