Our exhibitions bring art to the Lehigh Valley that spans the globe.

Through December 16, 2018, our second floor Rodale Gallery featured an art installation by Puerto Rican-born, Easton-based artist Angel Suarez-Rosado. In Talisman (shown in photo) the artist transformed ordinary objects, imbuing them with power, in a practice related to Espiritismo (Spiritism) and Santería. Conceived of as an offering to the community and comprised of paintings, sculptures, and found and natural objects, Talisman mixed ritual and artistic traditions.

Still on display through the holidays are two exhibitions that examine differing definitions of art. The Soviet Lens highlights images by Soviet photojournalists who worked under a government that censored and denied photographers the status of artists. And in Trexler Hall the Museum has installed Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #793A. Since the late 1960s, LeWitt’s abstract wall drawings have challenged traditional ideas about what art could be.

These exhibitions and works from our collection that are on display in our first-floor galleries explore the perspectives of artists working both in and far away from the Lehigh Valley. Join us to be dazzled, intrigued, and moved by the experience of seeing the world through their eyes.